FUT Buyer PREMIUM features

FUT Buyer 🚀 transforms your FUT Web App gameplay, offering an innovative keybind solution that supercharges your sniping and trading tactics. Dive into a world of efficiency, speed, and ease, all tailored to streamline your FUT life with handy shortcuts.


  • Custom Hotkeys: 🎯 Assign quick and easy keyboard shortcuts for vital FUT Web App actions like search, buy, list, and more.
  • Speed Alert: ⏱️ Get notified when you're on the verge of searching too fast, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  • Top-Notch Support: 🛡️ Experience unparalleled assistance for a seamless gaming session.


  • Swift Sniping: 🚀 Use 'SEARCH + BUY NOW' hotkey for instant card sniping at the press of a button.
  • Live Price Updates: 💹 Access real-time market prices directly within the web app, enhancing your trading strategy (Unavailable for PC market).
  • Zero-Delay Sniping: ⚡ Experience sniping like never before, with minimal lag for a superior edge.
  • Sniping Shield: 🛑 Protect your gameplay from undesirable card sniping.
  • Filter Shortcuts: 💾 Save and load your favorite sniping filters for a tailored and efficient experience.
  • Fresh Listing Access: 📈 Select the freshest card listings to increase your sniping success.
  • Rapid Card Sniping: 🃏 Quickly snipe multiple cards in succession for maximized profits.
  • Speedy BPM Trading: 🔄 Utilize the auto tab switch feature to boost your Bronze Pack Method trading speed.

Embrace a revolutionary FUT experience with FUT Buyer, and turn your FUT Web App ventures into a seamless, successful saga today! 🎉